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T-Shirts are forvere and ever

Everyone wants to know “What’s IN & What’s OUT in Fashion arena”. Today's youth want to look different and be recognized for their unique style.

Over the years Wearing T-shirt has become acme of informality. T-shirt designs have been known for their uniqueness. They can improve the personality of a person and come in various styles like scoop neck, v-neck and round neck.

Technically, the sleeves of a T-shirt are meant to extended slightly over the shoulder but not completely over the elbow. T-shirt today are available in many options. A shirt with sleeves that are either longer or shorter than this ceases to be a T-shirt , at least in the classic sense.

Half sleeves:This type gives once shoulder and chest more shape as well as definition. Half sleeves T-shirt can be combined with both shorts and trousers.

Full Sleeves: Full sleeves can make you look fuller if you have thin arms, and slimmer if your arms are heavy. It also protects your arms from getting an unwanted tan.

Cut Sleeves: Cut Sleeves are good for an athletic,casual,and cool look. This style look just as good on thin arms as they do on muscular arms.

Round neck encircles the base of neck. If we are talking about round neck then it suits to persons having long necks and those having drooping shoulder. They work well for a casual look. These are available in a variety of shades. Round neck tees for boys and girls are quite popular. These are comfortable to wear and fit on the body.

The V-neck is formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulder that meet on the chest area at a midpoint of the T-shirt. This cut lends a sporty feel and suits on persons who are having broad shoulder. V-neck suits to persons having muscular body. This style is designed in accordance to the present-day fashion. These trendy and good looking T-shirts are in demand with today's youth. Men like T-shirts with logos.

If you use a bit of your imagination,a T-shirts can be one of the most versatile commodities in your you can actually use it for a variety of looks

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